Ahmi Beppu


Having worked in the spiritual realm for over 10 years, Ahmi has been utilizing her spiritual gifts and talents in order to assist other's in finding their true selves so they may live life to their fullest potential. Ahmi is a spiritual author and has written a book titled, The Sum of Everything. After its successful publication she has now finalized the second book in the Sum of Everything series which will be available online shortly.

Ahmi discovered she was a gifted intuitive as a result of difficult life experiences which drew her to seeking spiritual guidance. Since then she has been actively helping others on their spritiual journeys through energy readings and re-connecting with loved ones. Ahmi is also an intuitive artist and provides loving vibrations from loved ones through channelled painting.


Ahmi is a dedicated Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner certified through Dolores Cannon. This came about by her fascination with past life regression after she herself experienced life changing healing on multiple occasions through addressing past life issues. She therefore wanted to share this by helping others re connect to their past lives in order to guide them in finding understanding and healing in this life time. Ahmi was drawn to Dolores Cannon's specized hypnosis technique which she found combined past life regression with an even deeper level of understanding thus resulting in answers for the client.